a fairytale comes true:: my bestfriend's whimsical wedding

As promised in my last post, sharing the details of the Fairy Woodland themed wedding of my bestfriend
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fairy for a day

Happy New Year! First post of the year, and yup, another wedding outfit! This has got to be one of the most memorable weddings I have attended not only because the event itself was lovely but because it was the wedding of my dear bestfriend.


yet another wedding:: silver dress + statement necklace

 Wedding #3 for the month of December. Wore a silver, strapless dress with  sweetheart neckline to a former colleague's wedding. I did not have time to shop for another dress so I scoured through my closet to look for an evening dress. Hanging quietly at the far end of my closet, the forgotten and never been worn dress caught my eye and I decided that it needed some loving.


dressed backwards

Last weekend, Julius's only brother and the love of his life tied the knot after being together for fourteen years. The celebration was sweet and intimate, reflective of the couple's personality. It was my pleasure and honor to host the wedding which was attended by fifty of the couple's closest relatives and friends.

wedding belle

I've been attending weddings left and right for the past few months and aside from having the privilege of being a part of the beautiful and momentous celebration of marriage of my friends, I have enjoyed dressing up for the occasion. Here are snapshots of my outfits for the last three weddings I attended.

The first one was for the wedding of a church friend where I was a secondary sponsor (candle), the second one was for the wedding of my boyfriend's brother (a very sweet and intimate celebration) which I hosted and the last one was for a former officemate's wedding.

Depending on the theme and on my role in the wedding, I try to have different looks- style of dress, hair and makeup, accessories - but still maintain that polished, chic style. It's also a big help that I know how to do my own hair and makeup  thanks to blog tutorials! 

And speaking of weddings, I am really excited for the wedding of my bestfriend early next month! Aside from having a major major part (Maid of Honor) this time, I can't wait to share my whole outfit :) The theme is fairy woodland and I get to wear wings!  

Any tips and tricks when dressing up for weddings?

Have great week ahead!


Dresses Left to Right: Black- Custom-made, Peach - Forever 21, Silver - Custom-made


casual friday

Last Friday was a blast! Spent half of the day being the personal asst/runner for my dear bestfriend (who is tying the knot next month) and her fiance during the shoot of their pre-nup video. The location was in UP (Univ. of the Phils.) Diliman and in keeping with the fairy woodland theme of the wedding, the video was shot near the lagoon to create a forest-like ambiance.

This was my PA outfit for the day, super casual.


the great dubai walk:: maxi dress

Two months ago, I had a great opportunity to have a short Arabian vacay after a business trip to Nigeria. Together with my boss, I got to enjoy the sun, sands and more sands of Abu Dhabi and Dubai in UAE.

We only had two days so we tried to make the most out of it. First day - Dubai. Our hotel was in Abu Dhabi so good thing I have a friend who lives near and was eager enough to drive us to and around Dubai. :) Our whole day was spent building hopping. As in. Malls, hotels, skyscapers -bilang walang masiadong historical landmarks sa Dubai. That was the day when I went to the most number of malls and walked the farthest in one day.

With the temp hitting as high as 40C, I went for a comfortable maxi dress.